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You can count on Q!

Experience, passion, and service set Q Events apart from others in this industry.

Finding the right synergy can only happen with great knowledge and experience. Our team of dedicated professionals is trained in planning, negotiating, budgeting, and coordinating all the logistics of your event or tour. Creativity — our ability to customize — and attention to every detail, as well as the enthusiasm that we bring to every project ensures that your event or tour will be a great success.

Passion makes all the difference! There is no such thing as an eight-hour day in this business. Q team members are available and present 24/7 for YOU. You can count on our integrity, our longstanding reputation in the industry, and the fact that your satisfaction and retention will always be our ultimate aim.

We don’t just say it...we do it!


Paris Choral Festival Performance_80-min

Can you think of an experience or experiences-- either as a client or as a provider-- when all the 'stars properly aligned' and you thought, "Ah… this is incredible, it couldn't have been better, it was all I could have hoped for." Describe that experience, the way it made you feel, and what you learned from it.

John Wiscombe / President of Q Events AG

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We don't just say it. We do it!

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