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With our depth of experience, our extensive buying power, and our creative approach (every tour is customized to meet your group’s vision and specifically unique needs), we are here to provide you with a worry-free, budget-friendly, one-of-a-kind touring experience. Whether you are a group of friends looking to expand your cuisine horizons in the capitals of Europe; a band, choir, or orchestra desiring to perform in the most beautiful and meaningful venues on earth; or a religious group hoping to increase your faith by following in the footsteps of the ancient apostle, Paul, Q Events and Destination Management will meet your every travel need.

Can you think of an experience or experiences-- either as a client or as a provider-- when all the 'stars properly aligned' and you thought, "Ah… this is incredible, it couldn't have been better, it was all I could have hoped for." Describe that experience, the way it made you feel, and what you learned from it.

John Wiscombe / President of Q Events AG

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